Twin-Spotted Ratsnake (Elaphe bimaculata)

Twin-Spotted Ratsnake - Elaphe bimaculata


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Scientific Name: Elaphe bimaculata (Schmidt, 1925)
Common Names: Twin-Spotted Ratsnake, Chinese Cornsnake
Size: 60 to 80 cm
Distribution: China: provinces of Anhui, Hubei, Jiangu, Jiangxi and Zhejiang
Other Info: Elaphe bimaculata is a small ratsnake that occurs as both blotched and striped phase, with the blotched type being the more common or "typical" phase. Some specimens even exhibit a pattern of half blotched, half striped where the anterior half is usually blotched and the posterior half striped. E. bimaculata is a very attractive and easy to keep species that doesn't require a lot of space.
They are found in many habitats ranging from the edge of forest to cultivated areas and seem to like cooler temperatures and higher humidity. A secretive snake that prefers smaller food items such as young to half grown mice.
E. bimaculata have been known to breed at different times of the year, usually with 3-10 eggs being laid in late spring. these requiring 35-48 days of incubation. Provide with a period of 2-3 months hibernation.
Females are known to grow larger and heavier than males. Our females ate much more and grew much faster than the males.

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