Red-tailed Green Ratsnake (Elaphe [Gonyosoma] oxycephala)

Red-tailed Ratsnake - Elaphe [Gonyosoma] oxycephala


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Scientific Name: Elaphe oxycephala (Boie, 1827)
Common Names: Red-tailed Ratsnake, Red-tailed Green Ratsnake
Size: 160 to 190 cm (up to 240 cm)
Distribution: Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia/Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
Other Info: By many considered to be in the genus Gonyosoma (i.e. Gonyosoma oxycephala), this species is a moderately large, arboreal ratsnake requiring a large tropical rainforest vivarium with many climbing branches (the gray color phase is more ground dwelling). Temperatures for this species should range from 77F to 86F during the day with a night time drop of a few degrees. The relative humidity should be at about 80 - 90%. The tank needs to be sprayed daily to keep the proper humidity level, and provide the animals with drinking water because some only drink the water drops from leaves and their own bodies and refuse to drink from a water bowl.
Wild caught, imported animals are frequently available, but often do poorly in captivity and often die due to a combination of dehydration, high parasite loads, and stress. They also tend to be very agressive. Captive bred animals are starting to enter the market and do much better. However, hatchlings can be difficult to get started on mice.

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